About me!

I’m Stacey, and I’ve been a keen pet photographer for the last decade.

My love of pet photography began on my 18th birthday when I received a pet budgie. I became fascinated with trying to capture photographs of my birds, which proved difficult! Fast moving small birds are certainly not an easy subject to begin with, however patience paid off and eventually I began to produce shots that I was pleased with!




A few years later…

A few years later, while studying for a degree in English Literature, I brought home my beautiful border collie dog April; once again I was compelled to capture her through the lens. I wanted to take photographs that had a natural feel to them, and also captured her personality.

I could not have asked for a more willing and enthusiastic model than April. Over the past six years her patience and desire to please has been extraordinary; I believe it is thanks to her that I have such a love of photography.




To complete the family….

To complete the family 16 months ago we brought home Tumi, a five year old Spanish Galgo from Greyhounds In Need. Though she is a very nervous dog, Tumi has quickly become accustomed to the camera and now also loves to be photographed!


Alongside my photography…

Alongside my photography I work for a wonderful independent pet shop and grooming salon.  My photography business is still relatively new and growing, however I have already had some wonderful photo shoots and hope to do many more!