Macro Photography

So 99.9% of the time I photograph dogs, dogs and more dogs…

However back in 2012 I got really interested in macro photography, in particular photographing bugs!

For those who don’t know, macro photography is – simply put – photographing very small subjects at very close range, usually with the use of a dedicated macro lens that gives a greater reproduction ratio than normal. The result is that the subjects appear lifesize, and you get to see some really cool stuff.

Since 2012 I’ve only got my macro set up together and outside a handful of times and with little success of finding anything interesting to photograph. It’s surprisingly hard (for me anyway) to find insects when you want to photograph them.

So these photos are all from about six years ago, and it seems a shame for them to remain hidden away on my computer for no one to see. Looking back at these photos has reminded me how much I enjoyed taking them.


This is a hoverfly (Helophilus Pendulus). He was watching me, rubbing his little feet together. Probably plotting something.



I felt that I was playing a game of hide and seek with this fly, who kept moving around to the other side of the stalk. I’ve no idea what type of fly it is unfortunately.



This shield bug (Palomena Prasina) cocked his head at me – yes human? I wonder what I look like to him…



For anyone interested in my set up, all of these photos were taken on my old canon 400d, a set of extension tubes and a 50mm lens. For lighting I used a Yongnuo flash gun, with a pringles pot lined with tin toil – directing the light down to the end of the lens. A cheap set up with the bonus of having an excuse to eat an entire pot of pringles.

A fluffy bee (Bombus Pascuorum) collecting pollen.



A beefly. This one was a difficult shot, as it remained in flight while collecting nectar.



This is a red damselfly (Pyrrhosoma Nymphula) on my rather hairy arm!

I’ve found that damselflies are quite keen to land on you, and they stay lovely and still for a photograph.



A little bee on the end of my finger. No idea what type of bee…. it was tiny!



This minute spider is strolling down a blade of grass, he was barely visible to the naked eye.



Macro photography is wonderful because it allows you to see things in such detail, and appreciate fully the tiny wildlife that surrounds us every day. I was never a massive fan of insects and was pretty terrified of spiders. After seeing them up close however, I realised that actually they’re wonderful and – sometimes even rather cute!


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